Sunday, 16 October 2016

Joy Spotting #3: Spend Joy!

Hello friends!

Are you wondering what do I mean by saying - Spend Joy?

If I pick up an analogy, it is as simple as spending money. We all earn our livelihood by some means or the other. When we get a paycheck or profit through our businesses, the feeling of earning that much money gives us happiness and satisfaction. Irrespective of how much we have earned, it gives us joy. You spend that money on the necessities first, comfort second and luxury third. Well, for few of us, it could not be in the same order :)

So how is this related with spending joy? Folks, we all get precious little joys in our everyday lives. Don't curb it by keeping it within. If you like someone, say it - You will spend joy; If you appreciate your colleague's work, say it - You will spend joy; if you like the food you are eating, say it - You will spend joy.

The more you spend joy, the more it will flow in to your everyday life. I have experienced it. Try it from this moment onwards, it will magically change your life.

Going back to spending your earnings. Have you ever thought - What if you don't spend what you are earning. Will it bring you any happiness? Will it add any happiness as the figures in your account are going higher and higher without spending a single penny? Obviously rising figures will bring happiness to you...but not using that money will ultimately get stale in your bank, leaving you high and dry...literally!

This doesn't mean, you spend recklessly and empty your pockets and write back to me...hey man where is my joy... lol!

Spend sensibly...for your and your family's happiness.

Surprisingly this doesn't apply when spending joy. Spend as much as you can. You will never have empty pockets.

Start spending JOY now! Every little gesture, feeling or thing that brings you joy, express it...that's spending joy.

Your life will have abundance of happiness and fulfilment with this joy spending!

Cheers :)

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  1. Simple but a great thing.. good article.