Saturday, 16 July 2016

Joy Spotting #2: The bliss of boredom :)

Saturday is a day of laziness. Deep dive into the realms of laziness and enjoy the bliss of boredom. It might sound strange but enjoy being on your own, do nothing, think nothing and have a great weekend. Enjoy the sights and sounds around you. These days when each one of us, does a perfect neck yoga exercise of bending the neck forward, eyes focused on our hands holding a 5-inch digital object, we have stopped observing our surroundings. Try this new exercise, give your eyes more JOY to observe people and places around you. It’s simple…just place yourself in a nice comfy place, a buzzing cafĂ©, a bench on the street or even a window of your apartment. Give your ears the JOY of hearing people talking. Keep catching glimpses of whatever is happening around you. This will infuse your mind so much and for once you will stop thinking about your own.
It’s a pleasure of solitude, a JOY of belongingness with your surroundings! And woohoo! The bliss of boredom is exciting J


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