Friday, 19 April 2019

Joy Spotting #10: 'Pamper' is the Keyword

Is all the wear and tear on the body and mind in this fast paced life taking all the fun away?

This weekend, go and 'pamper' yourself. Go for that delicious cuisine that you love the most, shop for new clothes, visit a spa, spend some time on a hobby that you never had time for; anything that will give you happiness. It may not be any of the things that I have mentioned above. It could be just a simple stroll, listening to your favourite music tracks or just soaking in the sun.

Just spend sometime loving your own self.

Don't just do it this weekend. Whenever you feel like, even in the middle of a busy week day...have fun!

The more you spend happy and joyful moments with your own self, the better you will become with people and situations around you.

A happy mind is more powerful than anything else in this world. Even if you are in a very crazy and difficult phase of your life, this will work as magic as you will attract and achieve whatever you wish for.

Pamper...pamper...pamper! Your keyword not for any Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to improve your online presence, but a Life Existence Optimization (LEO) to be on the top in your life journey!

Happy Weekend :)

Saturday, 13 April 2019

Joy Spotting #9: Hit Restart on Your Life!

It was a lazy day on a weekend, and I was catching up with an old friend. After a while, I glanced at my laptop and noticed that it was stuck at one of the open web pages and a buffering symbol was rotating in 'loop'.

I realised that it is not going to work or can do anything else until I just restart my laptop. My friend also suggested that I should clear all cache and it will work smoothly there on.

And here in that fraction of a second I also realised that it is such a simple and magical analogy to save us from lot of our life issues and problems that we feel stuck with!

Many a times, all of us just keep pondering over issues, keep haggling over what's going to happen and just feel stuck with problems that seem to have no end.

Why not 'restart' your life, clear the 'cache'of all the stored worries and make some empty space in your mind to bring in happiness and joy?

It beautifully works as you regain strength to again get on with your life, with much more ease and without the burden of your old problems that kept lingering in your mind.

Try it! It will be a new beginning and going to bring small and big joys in your life for sure.

Hit Restart NOW!


Saturday, 16 March 2019

Joy Spotting #8: Are you becoming a puppeteer?

I have seen a lot of people who want control over lot many things their lives, like relationships, love, jobs, marriage, money, children, health etc.

You will ask me – So what’s wrong in that? Shouldn’t we be in control of our lives? We just can’t be careless? Isn’t it?

Yes, you should have control over all of these and many more, but not to an extent that it worries you.
A slight deviation in your plan and it nags you.

For e.g. You have a certain beautiful vision about your relationship with your spouse or children or colleague. But the reality is showing you a different picture altogether. Doesn’t mean your relationship with that person is going all wrong…and you start thinking of how to bring this person back to the storyline that you had written in your mind…It’s not going the way you had thought of.

Life is not a puppet show where a storyline is being played in front of the world by you ‘the puppeteer’; and where you guide and direct the characters in and around your life.

And if you are becoming a puppeteer…where you are pulling strings to make the other person, relationship or situation to behave in a manner that you would like to see, it will lead you being worried, stressed and helpless too at times.

What to do in when you find yourself becoming a puppeteer of your life?

Take the first step towards acceptance: Accept what you see in real. Everything cannot be programmed as per your wish.

Second step: In that reality, find goodness in what you have. Work towards amplifying that goodness in people/situations/relationships. And while you are at it, don’t go back to the other ‘programmed’ vision you had about them and try to bring that vision in to reality.

This might take some time but will give you immense freedom, lightness and joy.

Remember…focus on what you have and the goodness in these ‘haves’ and you will most certainly will find yourself in a happy space.

 Cheers J

Friday, 1 February 2019

Joy Spotting #7: Successful or Happyful?

Successful or Happyful?

This is a very pertinent question that you should ask yourself. What are you seeking every day from your life? To be Successful? Yes, that’s what we all want to be in whatever we do professionally and personally. But in the race to become Successful are you losing some bit of your life by worrying too much that you lose that smile; rushing so much that you miss that relaxed time with yourself and your family?
If you are not able to balance success and happiness with ease then focus on being Happyful than being Succesful!
Once you start focusing on being Happyful, success will follow in your life on its own.

Thrive in life by being Happyful!

Cheers J

Monday, 20 August 2018

Joy Spotting #6: Does volunteering for a social cause gives you happiness?

A thought just came across my mind, when I was watching a recent disaster that happened in my country and I saw help pouring in from all over, reaching out to the needy.
Though my contribution was very miniscule considering the magnitude of the loss, but the very thought of helping someone in need gave me immense satisfaction.
So what is this emotion that strikes a chord between you and your happiness? It is an unseen bond that we create with the people affected. Your help however small it may be creates a feeling of love, gratitude towards what you have – which is empowering you to help others.
Remember! even your tiny contribution is worth millions. It may not necessarily be money. It can even be your time. The time that you can share may hold very dearly to a person who wants you to just listen and not do anything.
Do your bit, as the love and care you share with others not only will bring joy in their lives but will certainly bring joy and abundance in your life!

Cheers J

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Joy Spotting #5: Beat the Monday Blues!

It's Sunday evening, weekend is getting over and you are feeling anxious about the next day...MONDAY and start of the next week!

Here's a trick to get you away from your Monday Blues :)  You have to do this on Sunday evening/ night.

  • Prepare your favourite clothes to wear on Monday.
  • Decide what you will make/eat for your breakfast/lunch - again...something that's your favourite.
  • And last and a very important activity...Just before you sleep...close your eyes and visualise how beautifully your Monday will start and go on smoothly. Even if you are foreseeing some troubles, simply visualise how everything is getting sorted. 

All of this try out!

Cheers and a Happy Monday!

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Joy Spotting #4: Just take a pause and smile!

 I’m back after a long gap! But here I am, with much more to share with you.

Usually, we all encounter some issues in our personal or professional lives that keep cropping up every now and then. Some are just momentary, but few others might take longer period of time to sort them out.

For some of you who are reading this post, you might be going through difficulties right now.  You are desperately seeking an exit from this stress and burden of these problems. But nothing seems to be in your control. You are getting anxious and the fear of some loss is gripping and growing by the minute.

How do you tackle this scenario?

Here is what you need to do...

Wherever you are…just take a pause and smile!

Do it right away. This simple and most inexpensive medicine in the world is the best solution to your every problem, whether it is small or big. I repeat…whether it is small or BIG!
And I will not tell you to stop thinking about your problem while you take this pause to smile.
Keep your thoughts about your worries, your fear, your anxieties, your issues in your mind…and smile.

Do it for a minute, you will like it. Keep doing it at frequent intervals and you will love it. What you will gradually experience is that slowly the burden of your problems will feel lighter.
You will get a newfound energy to face all your challenges! Not only will you overcome these problems with ease, but it will also make you so much stronger, and you will attract more happiness and joy!

Smile is the secret code! Please use it in abundance!

Will catch you soon with more such amazing thoughts J